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Melatonin Supplement

Many people consider taking Melatonin for sleep. This hormone is produced in the body and functions in the regulation of the sleeping cycle. It has been discovered that supplementing with this hormone can be an aid to better sleep.

Typically, your body will begin producing more melatonin in the evening and the levels of it will stay high until the early morning. The amount that you produce is also affected by light so that, in the winter, you may start producing the hormone at a different time than normal. This is why people’s moods are sometimes affected during shorter amounts of daylight.

As people get older, they usually start producing less until they may produced little or none of the hormone. Elderly people usually need fewer hours of sleep to function normally. However, in some cases, they have difficulty even obtaining those hours. This may be due to things such as the pains and aches that frequently come with age. For others, of any age, it can be due to illness or stress.

Because it is difficult to get the hormone from dietary sources, people who wish to increase the amount in their bodies typically take supplements. In addition to using it for insomnia, it is also sometimes used as an aid in dealing with the effects of jet lag.

It has typically been found to be safe, however there may sometimes be side effects. These will cease once the person stops taking the supplement. In most cases, it’s considered to be safe in low doses and taken for a short amount of time.

Melatonin supplements come from either natural sources or are synthetic. The natural type comes from animals and there is some concern that this could be contaminated. Therefore, some suggest that the synthetic variety is the safer one.

There’s some evidence that’s conflicting as to the efficacy of the substance in helping with sleeping disorders. It may be that it depends on what type of sleep disorder the person suffers from. There also appear to be differing results depending on how long the substance is taken for.
The only way to really know if taking melatonin for sleep will work for you is to try it out. As with any other supplement, you may want to check with your doctor first, particularly if you have medical conditions other than insomnia. There are certain diseases with which this supplement should be taken with caution.

It has been found that melatonin for sleep is a safe and natural way to get a good night’s rest. Although there are some melatonin side effects, they disappear when the individual no longer needs the hormone to fall asleep.

By, Martha Jones

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